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                Soaker Irrigation Hose 1/2" 15m
                Save water and money. Watering your garden drop by drop with a soaker hose...
                £20.95 *
                LED Soalar Pump 2.4 Watt with Battery and...
                Enchant your garden pond in an elegant fountain! The Solar-fountain with it's...
                £59.95 *
                Lawn Sprinkler with 8 Spray Variations
                Compact lawn sprinkler for your garden! This compact lawn sprinkler can be...
                £15.95 *
                Lawn Square Sprinkler Watering Spray
                For an even watering of your garden! This sprinkler also called lawn...
                £23.95 *
                Lawn Sprinkler For Large Areas 360° 26 m Range
                Must have Item For professional Watering! This lawn sprinkler also known as...
                £19.95 *
                Water Hose automatic retractor wind 20 m 2m...
                Order in the garden. Hoses lying carelessly in the garden are a thing of the...
                £69.95 *
                Solar Fountain Solar Panel 150 l/h Garden Pond
                Water fountain swims on the water surface and so ensures a decorative...
                £24.95 *
                5x VARIOLUX Multijet Nozzle Jet Water Plastic
                Water on! Product advantages : - water jet continuously adjustable - simple...
                £16.95 *
                3x Variolux universal quick coupling 1/2" 3/4"...
                Water on! Product advantages : - possible connections : 1/2" 3/4" 5/8" with...
                £15.95 *
                Flexible Garden Water Hose 15m Spray Nozzle...
                Flexible Water Hose! The KINZO garden hose has a hat einen multi spray nozzle...
                £20.95 *
                Hose Nozzle 3Pcs 1/2"
                Variolux Multijet jet nozzle/ water syringe made of synthetics 1/2" The jet...
                £14.95 *
                Watering Hose 1/2" 15m - 2 pieces Set
                Description : Save water and money. Watering your garden drop by drop with a...
                £24.95 *
                Watering Hose 1/2" 45m - 3 pieces set
                Description : Save water and money. Watering your garden drop by drop with a...
                £29.95 *
                Lawn Sprinkler Irrigation with Telescopic stand
                To add an irrigation. This lawn sprinkler also known as Impulse Sprinkler is...
                £24.95 *
                Water Pump Pressure Switch 10 bar
                - Ensures constant water pressure This pressure switch ensures a constant...
                £29.95 *
                Pressure monitor without cable 10 bar
                This pressure monitor ensures a constant water pressure for garden irrigation...
                £32.95 *
                3x VARIOLUX Quick Coupling 1/2"
                Water on! Product advantages : - possible connection : 1/2" with water stop -...
                £14.95 *
                Garden Hose Reel with 30m Hose
                Safe, reliable, durable! The innovative GB302ND Gardebruk® will simplify your...
                £87.95 *

                Garden Irrigation